Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing is a holistic alternative to the Western “model” of alcohol and drug treatment centers or rehabs. The programs we offer are based on the personal experience of people who have successfully walked the path we are inviting you to travel with us, and led others along it to a place of healing. They are founded upon principles of recovery that are pragmatic, tried and tested, and have helped countless people the world over find stability and a new lease of life. Einstein famously pointed out that a problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it, and transforming one’s perspective and thinking is both essential and a key element of our approach. However, a change in mental state must also lead to different, more wholesome actions and emotional responses for sustainable recovery to take root in a person’s life – BATH is one of the few programs to incorporate powerful and transformational practices into individual treatment from day one. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, contemplation and other techniques are all introduced to clients so that they may acquire these tools and use them to support their journey, thereby gaining confidence and stability. At BATH, from the outset we explore together the possibility of a return not just to a life of freedom and overall health, but also to a lifestyle with healthier priorities, new and supportive habits, and, above all, with solid foundations. The transition starts with us, and we assist you in finding and nurturing this new space with practical, step-by-step guidance. And we believe that creating a new, heart-centred life, is the true path away from one ruled by addiction, depression, anxiety or grief. Once we begin to live from this center deep within, new life-choices become possible, and with them the experience of lasting recovery.

At BATH we specialize in treating drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, and all forms of addictive-compulsive behaviors. Help is also on offer for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety or grief.

Our experience shows that Western science combined with the ancient healing modalities of the East can produce an extremely effective, holistic treatment program that makes long term recovery possible. Science gives us an understanding of addiction, depression and other issues, now identified and recognized as medical conditions that can be treated. The wisdom of yoga, breath work, relaxation, and self-care, help us to make friends with the mind and emotions – another key to recovery. A new and non-dogmatic look at nutrition and life-style helps clients lay the foundations for long-term well-being. Thanks to our personalized recovery programs and one-on-one guidance, we are able to go deeper than traditional rehabs by going further into underlying issues. Our aim is not just to look at symptoms and get people ‘back in the game’, but to help clients address the root causes of their detrimental patterns, thereby closing the revolving door to repeated stays in rehab. A sound mind makes a person feel confident, grounded, and comfortable in their skin. There will always be new life challenges, but over the course of a client’s stay, we gradually deliver the tools they need to face these with equanimity, and without the crutch of any substance, legal or otherwise.

Located in central Bali near the community of Ubud, our backdrop is Bali's world heritage rice terraces, Hindu temples and the rich culture and spirituality of the Balinese community. We offer private accommodation with all amenities included, so clients can focus wholly on recovering, and Ubud, which means 'medicine', is an optimal place for recovery to take root. The abundance of healing modalities available in this nurturing environment is one of Ubud’s greatest assets.

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