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Further Experiences

Over a decade of academic pursuit overseas, I found myself sucked into the realms of opiates (heroin), following by cocaine abuse through my late teens right into the early 20s over a span of 4 years. At the height of my addiction, I was shooting up with a frequency of more than 20 times per day - as I was spiralling down to the gates of hell, to the extent of "death" calling out to me in my helpless state. I have completed over 20 assorted drug treatment programs (all of which have FAILED followed by relapses) which I define as "angered-traumatic-forceful", and have tried an additional 15 over failed attempts on-my-own. Stuck at the crossroads of finality, it was my guardian, reputed as one of the most progressive therapists from the United States, who saved my life at the cost of USD $ 100,000. Staying clean for more than 10 years, I found myself back in the arms of drugs all over again - this time around, Methamphetamine. My friends, partner and I were cyclically on-off this deadly substance spanning from a few months to a year, with every relapse. Even though there was enough to last for months per relapse, I was disillusioned by "ease of quitting". Unfortunately, all it took was just ONE needle, ONE time for my life to spiral down into the trajectory realms of heroin-hell I was in over 15 years back. My partner who has never given serious thought to quitting meth permanently, took the initiative to find help both of us needed - desperate times call for desperate measures. By the grace of God, our paths converged with Scott's. Truth Be Told: In my opinion, there is absolutely NO possible WAY to quit meth on our own - be it willpower or mentally. Scott aligned our psychological dependence with our eventual acceptance that "we are addicts", in conjunction with holistic methodologies such as Yogic techniques with meditation-breathing techniques to usher us back onto the shores of sobriety. If you ever find yourself in desperate despairing times, as both of us were - I would highly recommend that you search for Scott - immediately. The forests of Ubud, the retreat-feel of the villas and delicious food is the ideal setting for recovery and to start your new life - free from these chains of drugs. It is an amazing feeling. Thank you ever so much Scott! You are a Godsend being - hands down. A+E, Singapore/Hong Kong

A & E, Singapore & Hong Kong

My trip to Bali was nothing like I expected and so much more than I could have hoped for. Scott was exactly the person I needed to begin my healing. Understanding, empathy, support and so much more. The meditation and yoga practices I learnt have become an integral part of keeping me grounded, calm and open. The meetings we attended, and the people I met, were all very welcoming and supportive and I began to realise how bad things could have become if I had not taken this leap of faith. It was a leap, for me, as I hadn't travelled overseas before, let alone by myself. My mind is clearer (less constant mind chatter). I have a renewed sense of self, a lot more self confidence and accept that it's ok to ask for help. I'm incredibly greatful. Thanks heaps x


My husband and I are so, so grateful to have found the services of Scott and Linda!!! After over 15 years of battling with anorexia and bulumia I had hit bottom and was basically doing what I could to just hold onto my life. I had lost ALL trust in myself & wondered if my life was ever going to be different. After spending years going to psychologists, healers and trying many other natural therapies I was skeptical of the simplicity of Scott and Linda's approach but that simplicity is what also made me listen. I had always identified with and felt compassion for people suffering with addiction but never had anyone tell me that, that is exactly what I am too, an addict!!! What an Aha moment when I was able to realise that no matter if I was restricting my food or bingeing and purging it was all one and the same....an addiction! Thank you for this gift Scott and Linda! Thank you for reigniting my love of yoga , meditation and life and helping to bring me back to the world of the living not just existing! I can't believe the transformation in just 3 weeks and I know that I have finally found a way of living that I can stick with for life :) THANK YOU!

Anonymous, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

I am very grateful to have found Scott! I live in Canada and my son, who lives in Bali, was really struggling with his addictions. I was panicking about how to help and connected with Scott online. He responded promptly and was amazing at setting up a plan of action to accommodate my son and our budget. He helped my son regain his life through meetings, self-awareness, yoga, meditation and diet. He was also great at keeping in touch with me about how things were going. I am very grateful to have found him. Having been on a journey of recovery myself, I like Scott's approach, manner and methods. I would definitely recommend him.

Deb Berry

Scott guided me in creating a firm foundation for recovery, by introducing me to yoga and the NA program and by encouraging me to advance my meditation practice. His methods enhanced my self discipline, whilst being sensitive to my needs and limitations. I'm very grateful for my time at BATH, as it was an ideal spring board to start my new life, living clean.


Scott gave me the foundation for my recovery after 20+ years of substance abuse. I learnt from him spiritually, emotionally and physically through his Yoga, Meditation and series of breathing exercises (Pranayama), where I finally felt I was able to breathe properly for the first time since I was a child. Scott's non judgemental, open and nurturing approach allowed me to begin the 12 steps at my own pace. I encourage all those who have suffered from the pain of addiction and are looking for an alternative holistic approach to start their recovery, to undertake his program . Mark. A Australia

Mark A.

When I first met Scott 3 years ago it was winter, I was homeless living in the woods, and I didn't feel that I had any hope left. My addiction had taken me to the very bottom of human existence. After meeting him everything began to get better. First I found work with him doing carpentry, then I found a place to live, and eventually was able to find more work. The principles of recovery I learned during my time with Scott allowed me to go back to college, begin working in a laboratory, and now I've been accepted to a PHD program where I will continue to study physics. Further, I am more at ease today than I've ever been. I have remained close friends with Scott since we met, and recommend his helping hand to anyone struggling to build a firm foundation in recovery. - Anonymous


"Scott Bauer is one of the most important men I have ever had the honor of knowing. He has done more for me, my spirit and my sobriety than anyone. Anyone. Like most alcoholics and drug addicts, I went out far too deep and I stayed down far too long. When I finally surfaced I felt gutted and am so grateful I found the rooms of AA and NA and the 12 Steps. I was so terribly broken but I was not destroyed. AA helped open the doors but it did not lead me to kind of spiritual life I yearned for. The kind of spiritual life I needed. Scott helped me want to save my own soul and he showed me how to do it. So please, please lean in. Lean into him because your soul and your sobriety are safe with him. My world, our world, is a much, much more beautiful place because he's in it." Alison T. Kaua'i, Hawaii

Aliison T

When I came to Bali Addiction Treatment in Ubud I was in a desperate state, I had spent 17 years addicted to alcohol and drugs. I was scared of everything, I was scared of living, of others and of myself. Scott took me in and gently showed me how to apply a daily routine including spiritual practices, diet and self acceptance that worked for me and my recovery. I had spent time living in other countries and taking part in spiritual workshops and trainings yet I was still deeply unhappy and isolating. Even though I was in these beautiful countries I wasn’t seeing any beauty and I certainly didn’t feel like I was living. I didn’t know how to function without my mask which I got though alcohol and drugs. I was drawn to Bali Addiction Treatment because of the yoga and holistic practice which is something I had explored already and knew it was helpful but I just needed someone to show me how it could be applied in regards to treating addiction and how I could embody it and bring it into my daily life. This was combined with the 12 steps which had a huge positive impact in my recovery. There is no other place like Bali Addiction Treatment. It looks at all aspects, including the emotional, physical and spiritual body, which is why the success rate in recovery is so high here. It completely transformed my life and I recommend to anyone struggling with active addiction to treat yourself with love by seeking out treatment at Bali Addiction Treatment. THANK YOU!

Anonymous from UK

When I contacted Scott I had only recently gotten sober after joining AA. I had been drinking for many years and alcohol had progressively become a big problem in my life. When I arrived in Ubud, I was emotionally, physically and spiritually drained. Scott was able to put some perspective on what I was going through by sharing his own experiences with addiction and providing me with some counseling as well as practical things such as yoga and breathing meditation that I can incorporate into my daily life. Also, Ubud has daily AA and NA meetings which take place in a beautiful room that looks out on palm trees. I met some wonderful people there who have had a major impact on my life and who I am still in touch with now that I'm back home. My experience with Scott in Ubud was very healing and will help MD a lot on my path to recovery.

Kim P.