We at Bali Addiction Treatment & Healing have guided many individuals through the process we share with our clients and our experience has shown it to be highly effective. The principles incorporated into our programs have been used successfully in arresting addiction worldwide. At Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing, we believe your best decisions are informed decisions, and invite you to consider the following.

  • The success rate of a typical "Western-style" rehabilitation facility is about 5-8 %.
  • The most successful treatment of addiction worldwide involves the incorporation of 12-step programs into one's life.
  • Research has shown that those who abstain from substance use for a period of 5 years have a much higher rate of long-term recovery.
  • Various forms of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises have been used to great effect in helping victims of abuse, war veterans suffering from PTSD, and people in recovery from many types of addictions and compulsive behaviors.

At Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing, we believe an essential key to successful recovery is spiritualityin action. And one of the most effective spiritual tools in the recovery process is the quality of empathy.

BATH’s program’s are founded on, and explore further,the concepts outlined in 12-step programs. These are principles that work when applied in a committed and interactive manner – our programs provide the opportunity to mingle and share with fellow sufferers, to give and receive empathy, to reach out as well as to be receptive to the reaching out of others. These momentsof sharingare a vital complement to the therapy we shape to accommodate each individual, and which form the linear backbone of each person’s stay at BATH. In turn, one on one time and individual guidance give the courage and willingness it may take to receive the benefits of contact with those facing obstacles similar to our own.

Such openings of the heart, and proactive behaviour of this kind, can feel highly counter intuitive at first, since the addicted mind tends to draw a person into isolation, often also into self-destruction, while at the same time moving away from fellow humans and avoiding healthy, basic, minimum social interaction that would provide mental balance. Furthermore, we cannot be mirrors unto ourselves – being around others practicing recovery principles encourages self-reflection and, with the safety of anonymity and a secure environment, the opportunity to take a good, honest look within. Connecting with others in recovery enables us to learn from each other, and to see beyond both our common predicaments and individual differences, to the fundamental human condition we all share. And it is our shared humanity that provides the context for our spiritual exploration, the world ‘spiritual’, for us, has no connection to organized religion or religious bodies.

At Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing, we provide you with many tools, to help you build an unshakable foundation for life. You will receive personal guidance on how to integrate these tools into your daily living, and to work with those that feel most appropriate and resonate with you. When practiced regularly, these will become effective and invaluable aids to your recovery.

The journey of recovery is a challenging one, and wanting to feel sure you entrust yours to the right people is a legitimate preoccupation. At Bali Addiction Treatment and Healing, we have years of experience helping clients transition from the prison of active addiction, harmful and compulsive patterns, desperation and depression, to a lighter space of being, free from self-destructive tendencies, crippling emotions, and other forms of mental dis-ease that limit one’s freedom, inhibit the realization of one’s potential and the harmonious unfolding of a happy life. We are not theoreticians, our guidance is practical, our methods pragmatic and down to earth. Far from just treating the symptoms of addiction, from an early stage we explore together tools for relapse prevention,and create a safe space for the exploration of the deeper, underlying cause(s) of addiction. These tools include practices taken from ancient wisdom traditions such as yoga and meditation – what we at BATH know is how to adapt these methods to the individual, and to life in the present-day world, so that they are appropriate for, and applicable to, the person, their condition, and to our times. By accessing greater clarity and peace of mind, and connecting wholesomely to the body, we become all the more empowered to support the recovery process.

"The memory of trauma is imprinted on the human organism. I don't think you can overcome it unless you learn to have a friendly relationship with your body." (Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine, and pioneering researcher in the field of trauma)

"We cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created the problem."
(Albert Einstein) Our tools of spiritual recovery:

  • We teach a practical system AND a philosophy of life which promotes wholeness, integration and responsibility
  • We cultivate the values of selflessness, humility, honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion, forgiveness and service.
  • We encourage connection with oneself and with those on the same path of recovery.

Every person, at least at one point in their life, must have experienced a great sense of emptiness within – it is inherent to our human condition. The tendency is to seek to fill that space – with sensory pleasures such as alcohol, drugs, sex, adventure; with relationships, television/internet/media, and other forms of entertainment; with work, the pursuit of power, with material possessions, shopping, gambling, with excitement, achievement or pleasure.

What we also know, is that in order to connect to who we truly are, we must first let go of what we are not. It is a journey that requires patience, compassion and courage. It is a journey that will take us through the doorways of threshold emotions, such as fear, loneliness, and vulnerability. But it is one which, by putting us in touch with our inner world, leads to the balance, stability, and freedom to which we aspire, and which we learn we can achieve.

The only way out is in. Read on to find out how the tools and techniques on offer here can take you within, and to a new space.